Terms Of Payment

You acknowledge that the total amount owed to MarketingStinks LLC for the initial 12 week service is based on your selected/agreed plan rate, as shown on your invoice. You also agree that you are responsible for the full amount of the 12 week service regardless of any payment plan set forth.

To make it easier on you and your business, we have split up the total invoiced amount into 3 payments which will be billed every 4 weeks.

After the initial 12 week service, the services initially selected will automatically continue as a subscription billed every 4 weeks and can be canceled any time with 14 days notice prior to the next billing date.

If you do not want to continue services past the initial 12 weeks, you must notify us 14 days prior to the end of the initial service term.

If for whatever reason your payment method is declined, we will make an attempt at contacting you to update your payment information on file. However if we are not successful, all services will stop and you will still be responsible for the amount owed for that billing period. Once the amount owed has been paid up to date, we can continue services as planned.

Please note, first payment is due prior to starting services.